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Grants & Scholarships

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Watson Missions Grant

Watson Mission Offering Grant Guidelines

The Purpose:  Dover’s Leslie and Hazel Watson Offering for Dover Association Missions helps fund missions and charitable work outside of Dover’s budgeted expenses.  The offering calls attention to missions and charitable work in and beyond the communities served by Dover churches.  Association Missions Offering grants are intended to benefit work that complements, rather than duplicates, the work of Dover and its churches in keeping with our biblical values.


Who may apply?  A Dover church that contributes to the association’s General Budget may apply on behalf of a tax-exempt ministry or organization that provides services—in keeping with our biblical values—to a people group in the community that church serves.


Application Requirements:  An application must include the following items:

  • A letter from the nominating church, or those empowered to act for the church, with minutes or other similar statement verifying the church’s nomination and the grant amount requested (the church should address the letter to the Association Missions Offering Team at Dover Baptist Association)

  • A description of the ministry or organization, including contact information and a description of how the grant would be used

  • The most recent annual report or some other supporting documentation that confirms the work of the potential grant recipient

  • Any other information that might help the team evaluate the grant application


Permitted Grant Uses:  The grant must be used for the direct benefit of the people served by the ministry or organization (e.g., benevolent or program expenses).  Grants may not be used for salaries or operating expenses other than those that directly benefit the people the ministry or organization serves.

The church must and its senior pastor must approve the nomination, including the amount requested, and affirm the above use


Dover’s Association Missions Offering Team has final approval on the award and nomination does not guarantee approval of a grant award; the Missions Offering Team may choose to award  the amount requested or a different amount, up to $3,000, to a nominated ministry or organization and is accountable to Dover Baptist Association and its Executive Committee


Nominees are not limited to ministries or organizations sponsored by the Dover Baptist Association, its member churches, or other Baptist entities.

Churches may nominate secular organizations if the nominee can demonstrate that it meets all other requirements


Funding: Dover Baptist Association receives its offering through October 31 each year.  Dover distributes Missions Offering grants after the offering closes on October 31.

Application Process: Completed nominations (see above) must arrive in the Dover office by the last business day of October for grants to be made by the end of the year.

Follow Up:  Within six months after receiving the grant, the recipient ministry or organization should provide a report to Dover and to the nominating church describing what happened to the money and what it accomplished or made possible.  This report will be used by the Missions Offering Team to help evaluate future nominations for similar grants.

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