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Grants & Scholarships

Click on the options below for more information on the grants and scholarship opportunities Dover provides through the cooperation of its member churches.

Dover Church Challenge Grant
Fairmount Baptist Scholarship
Paul S. Hepler Scholarship
Partnership Missions Scholarships
Pruett Fund for Church Leadership Scholarship
Watson Missions Grant
DWMU Hollins Scholarship

Dover Church Challenge Grant Program

Guidelines for the Church Challenge Grant

The Purpose: Dover Baptist Association awards Church Challenge Grants to advance the cause of Christ through helping churches begin new ministries. By "ministries," the association means any effort or program that a Dover congregation feels led to begin with the goal of showing unchurched people God's love in its community context. To qualify as a new ministry, the effort or program must represent a new way for the applying church to help people know God's love, even if other churches have tried similar efforts or programs.

Who Makes the Decision? The Missions Development Council judges all grant applications. Applying does not guarantee approval. The council will approve grants that, in the judgment of its members, fulfill the purpose of the grants.

How Much Does the Association Give? The grants come from designated Association Missions Offering funds. The council will award one grant per church of up to $500 or 50% of the cost of the new ministry, whichever is less, in any calendar year. It will award available funds on a first come, first served basis.

How to Apply: Any Dover church or mission may apply. To apply, the church or mission should send a letter of request indicating:

  • A detailed plan or description of the new ministry, including the cost and when the congregation will begin the new ministry.

  • The congregation's vote to begin the new ministry and to request the grant. (Please attach a statement showing that the congregation approved both and the date of the congregational business meeting or meetings.

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