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Grants & Scholarships

Click on the options below for more information on the grants and scholarship opportunities Dover provides through the cooperation of its member churches.

Dover Church Challenge Grant
Fairmount Baptist Scholarship
Paul S. Hepler Scholarship
Partnership Missions Scholarships
Pruett Fund for Church Leadership Scholarship
Watson Missions Grant
DWMU Hollins Scholarship

Fairmount Baptist Scholarship

The Purpose: The Fairmount Baptist Scholarship provides funds for an individual or groups from Dover churches seeking training for traditional or nontraditional ministry. Funds from this scholarship are also available for an individual pursuing an opportunity to explore or expand his or her ministry calling.


Who makes the decision? The Dover Baptist Association Student Ministry Council


Who may apply? Applicants must be a member of a Dover church for at least a year. He or she must be seeking training for traditional or nontraditional ministry or pursuing an opportunity to explore or expand his or her calling. Priority will be given to new initiatives. Priority will be given to registration and training expenses. Transportation and lodging expenses will be considered.

Application Deadline: Thirty days prior to the distribution of funds

Funding: The maximum annual amount a recipient or group may receive is $1,500.


Application Requirements: An application must include the following:

  • Description of how the training will be used to explore and or enhance their ministry or call to ministry

  • A letter of recommendation from the pastor, a staff minister, or lay leader which demonstrates the applicant’s leadership in the ministries of the church.


Follow Up: Recipients of this scholarship must provide a written report no later than six months following the time the funds were used. In this report, the recipients must share how the funds were used, how they are applying this training to their lives, and if/how the effectiveness of the training could be improved. This feedback will be used by the Fund Team to help evaluate future requests for the similar training. Recipients of the scholarship should also be prepared to share about their experience in various Dover media upon request.

The guidelines for the Fairmount Baptist Scholarship must be reviewed regularly. Any proposed changes shall be submitted to the Dover Executive Committee for approval.

Approved by the Executive Committee; October 9, 2018

Fairmount Form

Fairmount Baptist Scholarship Application Form

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