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Women’s Missionary Union was founded in Richmond, VA in 1888, and is the largest Protestant women’s mission organization in the world.  Its purpose is to:
1. learn about missions
2. pray for missions 
3. give to missions  
4. do missions
The Dover WMU (DWMU) Council exists to assist every church to fulfill these 4 goals. Please contact us and let us help you establish the means by which we can encourage our church to fulfill the great commission that Jesus gave to us in Matthew 28:18-20.

PRINCIPLE FUNCTION: Plan, promote, conduct and evaluate programs and activities that assist churches to provide an effective missions education program for women, young women, and children.

1. Assist churches and WMU leaders to provide an effective WMU ministry, providing women, young women and children with missions education, missions support through prayer and giving, and opportunities for missions involvement.
2. Provide training, resources and direct assistance to churches and WMU leaders.
3. Maintain records of WMU activities and submit required reports to the Dover Ministry Center.
4. Submit goals, action plans, calendar dates and budget recommendations at the Dover Council annual planning retreat.
5. Encourage council members to attend training events at Eagle Eyrie, Ridgecrest and other training opportunities.
6. Encourage council members to earn their respective leadership training diplomas.
7. Promote the work of the Association, State and SBC.
8. Meet at least quarterly and such other times as deemed necessary by the WMU director.

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