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Interim and Supply Pastors

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This list contains the names of persons willing to serve as interim and supply pastors. At the bottom of the list you will also find other possible sources for more names.
Except as noted, the persons on this list have provided resumes to the Dover office. You have the responsibility to determine any potential pulpit supply or interim pastor’s qualifications and suitability to serve your church.
You may call the person(s) you want to supply the pulpit or serve as interim pastor. If needed, the Dover staff will gladly help member churches arrange pulpit supply.
For more information or to suggest changes to the list, please contact the Dover office at (804) 550-1980 or

Interim and Supply Pastors
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Van Welton
(703) 554-9681
Paul Hansen
(703) 608-9994
Mark Holland
(804) 301-6536
Stephen Wiley
(757) 869-0937
David Peppler

(804) 338-3974

Jimmie Miles

(804) 401-6445

Todd Smith

(850) 274-3242

Terri Champion

(941) 224-9696

Joseph Reed

(540) 295-2676

Ken Stalls

(301) 524-2685

B.J. Crowder

(804) 426-2382

Michael McMeniman

(804) 928-8075

Gayle Taylor

(804) 382-4371

Neil Turner

(804) 241-9242

Charles Ward
(804) 262-3612
Ken Smith
(804) 795-9230
David Howell
(804) 741-0341
Robert Breckenridge
(804) 896-1016
David Anderson
(804) 796-9411
Elton Cooke

(804) 615-7936

Danny Lester

(540) 408-6303

James Sevon

(804) 443-7034

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