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Guidelines for Ordination


A. Upon request of a local church for the ordination of a candidate, the Minister-Church Relations Committee shall arrange a preliminary examination of said candidate with two members of his church present to observe.

B. The preliminary examination shall begin with a review of the guidelines for ordination and the constitutional requirements.

C. The Minister-Church Relations Committee shall make a written recommendation to the candidate’s church upon the completion of a favorable preliminary examination.

D. A church will vote to recommend the ordination process of the Association for the candidate.

E. A written request from the church will be made to the Dover Association to proceed with the examination of the candidate.

F. The Minister-Church Relations Committee shall then organize an examining council (presbytery) of no less than five ordained ministers and five laypersons to proceed with an examination of the candidate.

G. After a favorable re port from the examining council (presbytery), the church will proceed with plans to ordain the candidate.

H. In order to protect the integrity of the ordination council (presbytery) so that it does not be come simply a rubber stamp, it is important that no plans for the ordination service be announced prior to the report of the council.


A. Written biographical sketch including:
1. Religious development, especially conversion and call to the ministry
2. Educational training and plans
3. Any criminal record
4. Family background
5. Experience (secular and sacred)
6. Other items of importance

B. Written theological credo (of not more than five pages) including sections concerning theology of:

1. Revelation
2. God
3. Person and work of Jesus Christ
4. The Church
5. Eschatology
6. Person and work of the Holy Spirit

C. Discussion of particular areas of interest and service (intentions for Christian service)

D. Discussion of potential for growth both by the candidate and those whom he/she will serve

E. Discussion of outlook on missions and Cooperative Program

F. Discussion of outlook on evangelism

G. Discussion of outlook on social ministries

H. Discussion of ways of dealing with conflict

I. Discussion of ministry placement

J. Discussion of church polity, management, and leadership style

K. Cooperation with other Baptist and non-Baptist churches

L. Note requirements for candidate in associational constitution and by-laws

III. A record of the examining council procedure and a copy of the recommendation shall be sent to the Director of Missions and the moderator. Guidelines for Questions by Ordination Council (Presbytery)

1. Personal Background
a. Experience of conversion, Christian development, and call to ministry.
b. Training for ministry
c. Plans for future growth and training
d. Personal ministry goals

2. Theological Understanding
a. Nature of God
b. The revelation of God
c. Person and work of Jesus Christ
d. Person and work of the Holy Spirit
e. The Church

3. Christian Worship and Service
a. Ministry of local church
b. Worship
c. Evangelism

4. Missions and mission support
5. Social ministries
6. Church polity
7. Cooperation with other Baptist and non-Baptist bodies
8. Dealing with conflict

Note: Questions may be asked in any order appropriate to the particular needs of the presbytery and its chairman. It is not necessary to ask specific questions on this full range of issues. Sufficient understanding about one topic will often be communicated in responses to questions about another topic. This list of issues is for the general guidance of the chairman and should not restrict the range of the presbytery’s interests and concerns.

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