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Dover Baptist Association Bylaws

(Revised October 28, 2018)


1.01 The Association shall meet the fourth Sundays in April (the Semiannual Meeting) and October (the Annual Meeting) and shall also hold any called meetings of the Association on Sunday unless otherwise scheduled by the Executive Committee.

1.02 REGISTRATION. Messengers shall register at the meeting.

1.03 QUORUM. Messengers representing twenty (20) of the member churches shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

1.04 REPORTS. Except for the annual financial report, annual reports shall coincide with the church program year.

1.05 CLOTURE. Without the permission of the Association, no person shall speak more than five (5) minutes nor more than twice on any one matter of business.

1.06 DEMEANOR. Dover Baptist Association serves Jesus Christ. How we behave reflects His presence in our lives. Therefore, we expect and require that participants conduct themselves in Christlike ways. Examples of such behavior include, but are not limited to, courtesy toward others, self-control, and respect for the rules governing the Association.

1.07 ORDER. In all points of order not otherwise provided for, the Association shall be guided by the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, revised.

1.08 PARLIAMENTARIAN. The Moderator may appoint a Parliamentarian to assist him or her in all matters pertaining to parliamentary interpretation.

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2.01 MODERATOR. He/she shall preside over all meetings of the Association and shall serve as chair person of the Executive Committee.

2.02 VICE MODERATOR. He/she shall assist the Moderator and perform the duties of the Moderator during his/her absence or incapacity.

2.03 CLERK. He/she shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of Association meetings and Executive Committee meetings. He/she shall provide for the registration of the messengers to such meetings.


(a) Major Function: He/she shall lead the Association to fulfill the purposes stated in Article 3 of this Constitution.

(b) The Dover Operations Manual will outline the specific responsibilities of the Director of Missions.

2.05 The Dover Operations Manual will outline the duties of all Association leaders.

2.06 REPORTS. All committee chairpersons, council directors, and officers except the Moderator and Vice Moderator are requested to submit written annual reports to the Director of Missions at least two weeks prior to the October meeting of the Association in order that a Book of Reports may be prepared for the messengers.

2.07 STATUS. Should any officer or other elected leader become a member of a church not in fellowship with this Association or not contributing to this Association, his/her status as an officer/leader shall cease immediately and that position be declared vacant.

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3.01 TIME OF ELECTION. The Moderator and Vice Moderator shall be elected at the April (semi-annual) meeting of the Association to take office upon adjournment of the following October (annual) meeting. All other officers and leaders may be elected at any Executive Committee meeting, or meeting of the Association.

3.02 EXCEPTIONS. When the office of Executive Director of Missions becomes vacant, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for electing a successor. The procedure for filling this position is governed by the Dover Operations Manual.

3.03 TERM OF OFFICE. The Moderator and Vice Moderator shall be elected for a one year term. All other officers shall serve at the pleasure of the Association.

3.04 LIMITATIONS. The Moderator and Vice Moderator, after having served one full term, may not be elected to a second term until the lapse of at least one year.

3.05 CONSENT TO SERVE. A person’s name shall not be placed in nomination unless he/she has agreed to accept the responsibilities commensurate to the office.

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(a) Regular meetings shall be held the second Tuesday night of January, April, July and October for the purpose of transacting Association business between regular Association meetings. If the Moderator, Vice Moderator and Director of Missions collectively determine that it is in the best interests of the Association to alter the meeting dates, they shall give at least ten (10) days notice prior to the meeting to all committee members.

(b) Any two of the Moderator, Vice Moderator, or Director of Missions may call a special meeting, provided that all committee members are notified in writing, in advance, of the time, the place of meeting, and the nature of the business to be discussed.

4.02 QUORUM. Representation from fifteen (15) member churches shall constitute a quorum.

4.03 SPECIAL COMMITTEES. The Executive Committee may establish special committees as needed.

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5.01 All committee duties, responsibilities, and structure shall be regulated by the Dover Operations Manual, which is approved by the Executive Committee.

5.02 APPOINTMENT AND TERM OF OFFICE. Each Administrative Committee member shall serve at the pleasure of the Association.

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6.01 Each Mission Performance Director, with the advice and consent of the Director of Missions and Nominations Committee, shall enlist persons to form a council and may enlist volunteers as necessary to assist in the performance of responsibilities.

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7.01 COOPERATIVE NATURE. Dover Baptist Association churches have a long history of cooperating with other Christian groups, especially Baptist bodies, to achieve the stated purpose of helping to fulfill the Great Commission. We will encourage such cooperative efforts, seeking to preserve established relationships and create new ones as God leads the association. Our cooperative efforts should further the cause of Christ and may take the form of sharing resources (e.g., personnel, information, equipment, financial resources, etc.).

7.02 BAPTIST GENERAL ASSOCIATION OF VIRGINIA. Our cooperation with the Baptist General Association of Virginia grows out of the cooperation of our churches with that body. As part of that cooperation, Dover Baptist Association shares information, promotes mission efforts, and engages in other activities as Dover Baptist Association deems appropriate.

7.03 SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION. Our cooperation with the Southern Baptist Convention grows out of the cooperation of our churches with that body. As part of that cooperation, the Association shares information, promotes mission efforts, and engages in other activities as the Association deems appropriate.

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(a) The Association and its organizations shall operate on a unified budget. Each church is encouraged to contribute its proportionate share of the annual budget to defray expenses of the promotional, educational, and missionary activities of the Association. Contributions on a monthly or quarterly basis are requested of the churches.

(b) All new expenditures for the Association shall be approved in the Association office before the expenditure is made and said expenditures shall be made only by: officers, organizational leaders, and committee chairpersons.

(c) A designated employee of the Association shall receive, deposit, and disburse Association funds in the method approved by the Finance Committee. He/she shall make quarterly reports to the Executive Committee and annual reports to the Association. He/she shall furnish a fidelity bond, the premium of which shall be paid by the Association. Accounts shall be audited as recommended by the Finance Committee.

8.02 REPORTS FROM THE CHURCHES. Each church is requested to send to the Clerk of the Association by the fifth of October a letter on the form furnished by the Association. These letters shall report activities for the year October 1 through September 30.

8.03 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to implement changes in the organizational structure of the Association as needed. Any change must have the approval of at least two-thirds of the members present.

8.04 AMENDMENTS. These Bylaws may be amended at any session of the Association by a two-thirds vote of the messengers present at a semi-annual or annual meeting after first being approved by a two-thirds vote of the members present at an Executive Committee meeting.

8.05 The Associational Council shall consist of the Moderator, Vice Moderator, Clerk, Director of Missions, other non-clerical Association staff, and the directors of the Mission Performance and Mission Development Councils. The Dover Association non-clerical staff shall be voting ex-officio members. Other officers and chairpersons of the committees may be asked to serve at the discretion of the Director of Missions who shall be the Moderator of the Council. The Council shall meet at least quarterly prior to the Executive Committee meetings and at other times at the request of the Director of Missions for review and promotion of effective Association work. It shall also meet each spring for coordinated annual planning.

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