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Organist/Accompanist (part-time) - Skipwith UMC

Skipwith United Methodist Church (Henrico) is offering a part-time Organist/Accompanist opportunity to support the Music Ministries Program in providing a vibrant worship experience. This person will provide piano and/or organ music for a blended worship service, as well as for weddings and funerals when available. This person will accompany the Chancel Choir in weekly rehearsals, Wednesday evenings, and Sunday morning worship at 11:00. This includes special rehearsals for preparation for holiday cantatas and other worship experiences.

The successful candidate will have the ability to contribute keyboard leadership in congregational singing and accompanying the Chancel Choir. Strong organizational and collaboration skills are necessary. This is a great opportunity to be an integral part of vibrant, music driven worship, and a loving, supportive fellowship and community presence!

Please contact Donald L. Myers,

Director, Music Ministries,

Skipwith UMC website:

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